Mrs. Ameenah Ahmed


Mrs. Ameenah Ahmed obtained Bachelor of Arts from Lalmatia Girl’s College, 1977. Mrs. Ameenah Ahmed is the Chairperson of Gemini Sea Food Limited. She is also holding the Chairpersonship of the following prestigious business houses:


Gemcon Food & Agricultural Products Limited (Meena Bazar), Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited, Bengal Herbal Garden Limited, Gemcon Limited, Charka Steel Limited, Gem Jute Limited, Gemcon City Limited, Gemcon Sea Food Limited, Gemcon Tea Estate Limited, Gemcon Ltd. Meena Retails Limited, Gem Global Information and Communication Ltd., Gemini Agricultural. Development Company Ltd.

Directorship of the following business of the Group:

Gemcon Group, Castle Construction Co. Limited, Karotaya Tea Estate Limited, Rawshanpur Tea Frontier Limited and Ajker Kagoj Limited, Castle Universal Co. Ltd. Meena Advanced Retail Trading Ltd.;

She is the Hon’ble President of Meena Trust and Vice President of Rania Cyrus Foundation. She is also Member of the Board of Trustees of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh Trust and Kazi Shahid Foundation.

She has engaged herself in the different Socio-Cultural & Economic activities of the Country. She is the founding President of a renowned cultural organization “Rabirag” and Vice-President of “Rabindra Sangeet Shilpi Sangstha” in Bangladesh.


Mr. Kazi Inam Ahmed

Managing Director & CEO


Mr. Kazi Inam Ahmed involved in different business and Social activities in Bangladesh. He is performing as Directors of the following business concerns of Groups:

Gemini Sea Food Ltd, Gemcon Food & Agricultural Products Ltd, Gemcon City Ltd, Gem Jute Ltd, Gemcon Limited, Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd, Ltd, Charka Steel Ltd, Bengal Herbal Garden Ltd, 2A-Media Ltd (National English Daily Dhaka Tribune), Meena Sweets & Confectionaries Ltd, Karotaya Tea Estate Ltd, Rawshanpur Tea Frontier Ltd, Gemcon Sea Food Ltd, Gemcon Tea Estate Ltd, Meena Retails Ltd, and Bengali Daily Ajker Kagoj etc.

He is also a Partner of Online Bangla Paper “Bangla Tribune”.

Kazi Inam Ahmed is the General Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). He establishes the first ULAB Cricket Team and organized a Tournament 6(six) Private University for the first ULAB Fair Play Cup and regular practices. He is the General Secretary of Meena Trust.

He is also performing as Finance Secretary of Kazi Shahid Foundation (KSF) and Treasurer of Bangladesh Supermarket Owner’s Association.

Mr. Inam is now holding the position of Director of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). He is the Chairman of Marketing & Commercial Department of BCB.

He is the Chief Patron and Managing Director of the Khulna Titans to be played in the Top level Professional Twenty20 Cricket Bangladesh Premier League-2017organized by Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

Kazi Inam Ahmed obtained Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities from Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA.


Mr. Kazi Nabil Ahmed, MP


Mr. Kazi Nabil Ahmed obtained Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Economics from Brown University and Master of Science (Msc.) in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics.

After education, he involved in different businesses, socio-economic development and political activities of the Country.

Kazi Nabil Ahmed is a dignitary and renowned personality in the country in respect of important portfolio and business as follows:

He is the Hon’rable Member of Parliament of Bangladesh elected from Jessore-3 Sadar and Honorary Counsel of Croatia.

He is the Vice-President of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF).

Mr. Kazi Nabil Ahmed is holding the post of the Chairman of Pathar Limited, Gemcon Sports Ltd. Papyrus Communications Ltd. Castle Universal Co. Ltd. Meena Advanced Retail Trading Ltd. and the Managing Director of Charka SPC Poles Limited., Karotaya Tea Estate Limited. & Rawshanpur Tea Frontier Limited, Gemini Agricultural Development Company Ltd. Gemcon Renewable Energy Technology Ltd.;

He is the Vice President of Gemcon Group.

He is also holding the Directorship of the following prestigious business Institutions and National Dailies of the Country:
Gemini Sea Food Limited, Gemcon Limited, Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited, Ajker Kagoj Limited, Charka Steel Limited, Bengal Herbal Garden Limited, Meena Sweets & Confectionaries Limited, Khaborer Kagoj Prokashana Limited, Gemcon Tea Estate Limited, Gem Jute Ltd., Gemcon City Ltd., Gemcon Food & Agricultural products ltd. Gemcon Sea Food Limited, 2A-Media Limited (National English Daily Dhaka Tribune), Meena Retails Limited, Gem Global Information. & Communications. Ltd. and Bengali Daily Ajker Kagoj. He is also a partner of online Bengali News Paper the Bangla Tribune.

He is one of the Trustee of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) Trust to develop pragmatic & sustainable education and culture in Bangladesh, He is also Vice President of Meena Trust & Rania Cyrus Foundation and Member of Kazi Shahid Foundation.

He is a member of the Audit Committee of the Gemini.


Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed



Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed obtained PhD degree in Creative Literature from New York University, USA and completed MFA in Creative Writing from Washington University;

After studies, he involved himself in different businesses, socio-economic, development, spreading Education, writing & Social Activities. He is a unique strategic individual who have played pivotal role in every aspect of business of the Group side by side where he is responsible for all gamut of operation, capability creation, executing strategy and driving the overall growth & performance across the organization. Furthermore, he is expert in brand development, pricing & sales as well as engineering operations to increase efficiency.  


He is the pioneer in establishing the American-styled Liberal Arts Curriculum in Bangladesh as the significant role in expansion of quality education in Bangladesh.

Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed, as a General Secretary of the Trustee Board of Kazi Shahid Foundation (KSF) engages himself in socio economic & sustainable development in the northern part of the count;

Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed is also a Prime Partner of Online Bengali News Paper “the Bangla Tribune”. He is the editorial Director of the Daily Ajker Kagoj;

Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed has engaged himself in the following prestigious business Institution and National Dailies of the Country as Director where he is in the role of setting & supervising goals and strategy, identifying new business opportunities, leading team building and systems development:


Gemini Sea Food Ltd,  Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd,  Gemcon Food & Agricultural Products Ltd(Meena Bazar), Gemcon City Ltd. Gem Jute Ltd. Charka Steel Ltd.  Meena Sweets & Confectionaries Ltd.  Bengal Herbal Garden Ltd.  Karotaya Tea Estate Ltd. Rawshanpur Tea Frontiers Ltd. Ajker Kagoj Ltd. Khabarer Kagoj Prokashana Ltd. Gemcon Tea Estate Ltd. and Gemcon Sea Food Ltd, Meena Retails Limited, Gemcon Sports Ltd. (Khulna Titans), Gemini Agricultural  Development Company Ltd., Meena Advanced Retail Trading Ltd., Papyrus Communications Ltd, etc.
Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed is freelance writer who has already been acclaimed by the globally leading Educationists & Writers of the Country about his publication and writing. He contributes to International Journal such as Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal and World Literature Today. ‘Forty Steps’ (Pwjøk K`g) written by him which has been praised by the prominent Readers and Critics in and outside of the country. Dr. Ahmed has published a book of anthology “Good Night Mr. Kissinger” was released in Bangladesh by UPL in November, 2012 and in the USA, in March, 2014 by the Unnamed Press. His first Novel “The World in My Hands” was published in December, 2013 by the Vintage/Random House India.

Dr. Anis is now acting upon as Managing Director of 2A-Media Ltd and Pathar Ltd and Publisher of the English National Daily Newspaper of “Dhaka Tribune”, Gem Global Information and Communication Ltd. & Castle Universal Co. Ltd., all concern of Gemcon Group.


Mr. Khandaker Habibuzzaman. FCS

Independent Director

Mr. Khandaker Habibuzzaman obtains Bachelor of Commerce, from Rajshahi University, Masters in Islamic Studies from Asian University of Bangladesh and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from International Islamic University of Chittagong;


After completing education, he started his career with different port folios in the national & multi-national companies related with Company matters;


Presently, Mr. Khandaker Habibuzzaman is Company Secretary of Square Group; Mr. Khandaker Habibuzzaman is presently holding the position of Chairman of the Audit Committee of Gemini Sea Food Ltd.